Motherhood Manifesto

I am encouraged to report that since my last blog post, our days have gone much better! God’s grace has been so present, and we have enjoyed some truly great days with minimum behavior struggles.

A little while before that, I had typed up this simple “Motherhood Manifesto” to help keep me on track with where I wanted my focus and goals to be as a mom, as well as to remind myself of my “Super Mom Powers” during times of discouragement (something I was encouraged to do after listening to this podcast).

I have been trying to read over this manifesto everyday, and it has really helped me in my mothering. As a result, I have noticed a greater amount of peacefulness and patience in my own soul (thank you, Jesus!), which in turn affects my children and home atmosphere (of course!).

This manifesto is by no means comprehensive. I imagine it will get tweaked over time. It was simply the result of some quick typing of thoughts one night, hitting print, and then trying to live by my own resolutions in the strength of the Holy Spirit.

I share it in honor of Mother’s Day for all of us just trying to do our best!

My Motherhood Manifesto:

*Children need connection.*
Invest in the relationship bank as many times a day as possible!

*Children need boundaries.*
Explain them. Enforce them by holding the children accountable. This gives them security.

*Children need affirmation.*
Speak life. Not just instructions constantly.

– Avoid long lectures. Keep words simple and short.
– When anger is brewing, stop. Don’t act. Calm down first. Do not discipline when I am angry.
– Discipline with calmness. Discipline for defiance, not childishness.
– Model love. Make sure it is unconditional.

As my children continue growing up, I want them to know that I accept them for who they are. They do not have to become a carbon copy of me or Nathan in order to receive my love and favor. I want to encourage good character in my children and train them in right and wrong based on God’s Word, but not on personality preferences.

My Super Mom Powers:
– teaching my children God’s Word
– teaching academics well and keeping them interesting
– reading lots of books and snuggling on the couch together
– providing fun outings on occasion
– including the help of my kids in the kitchen
– playing games
– singing songs and providing lots of music in the home
– feeding them healthy meals
– apologizing when I am wrong
– being teachable and always looking for ways to improve
– striving to provide an orderly environment for them live in

Areas I want to get better in:
– taking a pause and making eye contact when they talk to me while I am trying to work or send messages on an electronic device
– keeping irritation out of my tone of voice
– expecting imperfections, messes, delays, lack of character, childishness, silliness
– being patient when they don’t move on my timetable because they are children processing the world around them
– being more fun and playful
– communicating that they are loved no matter what, rather than only when they behave properly
– smiling at them more and communicating my delight in them simply for who they are

A helpful reminder from Scripture that is in the context of missionaries but compared to a mother’s role (emphasis mine):
But we were gentle among you, just as a nursing mother cherishes her own children. So, affectionately longing for you, we were well pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God, but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us. 
1 Thessalonians 2:7-8


So what about you, fellow mamas? What are your super powers? I’d love to know! What are areas you want to grow in? How is God teaching you while in the trenches of this incredibly important but sometimes difficult job of mothering?

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!

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